Remote Meter MT50
Remote Meter MT50
Remote Meter MT50
Remote Meter MT50
Remote Meter MT50
Remote Meter MT50

Item specifics

Backlight on<23mA; Backlight off <15mA
Working environment temperature
Connector type
Meter cable
Frame dimensions
114×114 mm / 4.49×4.49 in
Faceplate dimensions
98×98 mm / 3.86×3.86 in




The new-generation remote display unit MT50 for LSxxxxB(P),VSxxxxBN and TracerxxxxBN(P) controllers is an associateddisplay device which supports both the latest communicationprotocol and the voltage technology standard of solar controllers.


1.Automatic identify and display the type, model and relevant parameter data of controllers

2.Real-time display the operational data and working status of the connection devices in digital,graphic and textual forms by a large-screen multifunction LCD

3Direct, convenient and rapid operation of six navigation function keys

4.Both data and power flowing on the same lead, no need for external power

5.Real-time data monitoring and remote load switchover of the controllers, and data browseand modification of device parameters, charge control parameters and load control parameters

6.Real-time display and acoustic alarm of failure information of the connection devices

7.Longer communication distance based on RS485

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