STI500-24-230 24VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
STI500-24-230 24VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
STI500-24-230 24VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter
STI500-24-230 24VDC to 230VAC Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Item specifics

System nominal voltage
Input Voltage Range
No Load Consumption
Output Voltage
Continuous Power
Storage temperature range
50Hz ± 0.2%
Distortion THD
≤ 2% (resistive load)
< 5000 m (Derating to operate according to IEC6204
< 93% (N.C.)




STI series inverter is a pure sine wave power frequency inverterwhich can convert 12/24/48VDC to 220/230VAC 50Hz basedon full digital and intelligent design. It features high reliability,high efficiency, concise outline, full protection functions, easyinstallation and operation. The inverter can be applied in manyfields, such as household appliances, electric tools andindustrial devices etc, especially for solar photovoltaic powersystem.


1.Complete isolation-type inverter technology, noiseless output

2.Adoption of advanced SPWM technology, pure sine wave output

3.Dynamic current loop control technology to ensure inverter reliable operation

4.Wide DC input voltage range

5.Excellent EMC design

6.Low output harmonic distortion(THD≤3%)

9.LED indicators for input voltage range, load power range, normal output & failure state.

10.Optional energy saving mode

11.Electronic protect for reverse polarity

12.Extensive protections: short-circuit, overload, under/over input voltage, over-temperature, and inverter’s inner fault identification protections

13.Wide working temperature range (industrial level)

14.Continuous operation at full power





Product parameters:

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Project case:


Solar Home System

Solar home system are typically used for home photovoltaic power generation system, to solve electricity demand of none power or unstable power region. Also the power level rage is between hundred watts to kilowatts.



Solar Street lights System
Solar Street lights System are typically used for street lightning of cities, villages, the intelligent streetlight system will remote monitoring all street lamps to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of system.

Hybrid Energy System
The Hybrid energy system contains solar, wind, diesel and city electricity energy system. The system will meet the load demand of electricity in villages, islands, and telecom stations to reduce the system cost and improve the replenishment ratio of system.