LandStar1024S 10A 12/24VDC PWM Solar Charge Controller
LandStar1024S 10A 12/24VDC PWM Solar Charge Controller
LandStar1024S 10A 12/24VDC PWM Solar Charge Controller

Item specifics

System nominal voltage
Rated charge current
Max. PV open circuit voltage
Common Positive
Working environment temperature
Temperature compensate coefficient
Battery type
Sealed(Default) / Gel / Flooded

Product review



LandStar series is for off-grid solar system, such as home system, traffic system, CCTV system, street light, garden lights, parking area, and bus station. It adopts the most advanced digital technique and operates fully automatically. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of battery.


1.High effcient Series PWM charging

2.Use MOSFET as electronic switch

3.Gel, Sealed and Flooded battery type option

4.Widely used, automatically recognize day/night

5.Intelligent timer function with 1-15 hours option

6.Temperature compensation

9.LED indicators indicate battery voltage state





Product parameters

Technical data for 12V system at 25°C, twice in 24V system

Project case:


Solar Home System

Solar home system are typically used for home photovoltaic power generation system, to solve electricity demand of none power or unstable power region. Also the power level rage is between hundred watts to kilowatts.



Solar Street lights System
Solar Street lights System are typically used for street lightning of cities, villages, the intelligent streetlight system will remote monitoring all street lamps to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of system.

Hybrid Energy System
The Hybrid energy system contains solar, wind, diesel and city electricity energy system. The system will meet the load demand of electricity in villages, islands, and telecom stations to reduce the system cost and improve the replenishment ratio of system.