Tracer2606BP 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Tracer2606BP 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Tracer2606BP 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Tracer2606BP 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller
Tracer2606BP 10A 12/24VDC MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Item specifics

System nominal voltage
Rated charge current
Max. PV open circuit voltage
Battery input Voltage range
Common Positive
Working environment temperature
Battery type
Sealed(Default) / Gel / Flooded




The Tracer BP series solar charge controller adopt to the advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking charging methods, it enables the system charging and discharging management to obtain the most radical optimization. Increase the system flexibility, yet lower down the system cost. The controller support a variety of battery, for example sealed, gel, flooded and lithium battery. User can view and modify the working status and parameters. It can be widely used on solar home system, traffic signal, solar street light, solar garden lamp, etc.


1.Adopt high quality components of ST,IR and Inneon, make sure product using lifespan

2.Wide working environment temperature

3.Lithium battery self-activating and low temperature protection function

4.Maximum conversion eciency of 98%

5.Advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, with tracking eciency no less than 99%

6.Ultra-fast tracking speed and guaranteed tracking eciency

7.Accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power points

8.PV power limitation function

9.Monitoring and setting parameter via Mobile APP, PC Monitor setting software withRS485 communication interface

10.Use of standard Modbus communication protocol for RS485 bus connections, communication protocol compatibility much better





Product parameters

Nominal system voltage12/24VDC Auto( Lithium battery do not automatic identification system voltage)
Max. PV input voltage60V( at minimum operating environment temperature 46V( at 25°C environment temperature 
Rated current10A
MPP Voltage range
( Battery voltage+2V)72V
Battery Type
Lead-acid battery: Sealed(Default) / Gel / Flooded/User; Lithium battery:LiFePO4/ Li-NiCoMn/User
Battery input voltage range8.532VDC
Working Enviroment Temputure-40°C~+50°C

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Project case:


Solar Home System

Solar home system are typically used for home photovoltaic power generation system, to solve electricity demand of none power or unstable power region. Also the power level rage is between hundred watts to kilowatts.



Solar Street lights System
Solar Street lights System are typically used for street lightning of cities, villages, the intelligent streetlight system will remote monitoring all street lamps to reduce the operation and maintenance costs of system.

Hybrid Energy System
The Hybrid energy system contains solar, wind, diesel and city electricity energy system. The system will meet the load demand of electricity in villages, islands, and telecom stations to reduce the system cost and improve the replenishment ratio of system.