What is the difference between sinusoidal inverter and ordinary inverter?

Advantages of sine wave inverter


As a result of the sine wave inverter output waveform, between the maximum from positive to negative maximum value will have a little time, so use effect will be better, alternating current (ac) can provide high quality, but also can bring various kinds of load, can satisfy all kinds of electricity demand in daily life, and the efficiency is very high, so the inverter has now become the market mainstream products, but its technical requirements and the cost is relatively high.


Disadvantages of square wave inverters


The output is a lower quality of the square wave alternating current, its positive most roughly to the negative maximum value is almost together, so that the load and the inverter itself caused severe instability.In addition, the load capacity of the square wave inverter is very weak, accounting for only 40%-60% of the rated load. It cannot load the inductive load, otherwise it will cause the power filter capacitor in the load.

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