What are the protection modes of the solar controller?
Direct charge protection point voltage, this protection mode is also called urgent charge.Different from the usual protection mode, this protection mode belongs to quick charging.If the battery of the solar controller is in a state of low voltage, and it is unable to achieve the power conversion with a higher voltage, then the controller will automatically start this direct charging protection point voltage, to charge its own battery.It works mainly because it has a parameter value called a control point.Is the value in the above table, when the controller is in the process of charging, the voltage value shown is higher than the protection value, when the controller will automatically start this mode, to timely control the battery terminal voltage is lower than the protection point, to avoid the phenomenon of overcharging.

Voltage at the equal-charge control point is another common protection method for solar controllers.Unlike the former, when after the direct charge controller, the controller inside the battery will be leave for a period of time, and then let the machine transformation of internal battery voltage to a natural value, after a period of time when the battery voltage drops to the recovery voltage value, the controller will enter all charge state at this time.What is equalizing?Believe that many people will be confused.It is also known as "balanced charging".Generally divided into two stages, but the time should not be too long.

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